vrs Adjusters handle material damage, DSU, BI and liability claims that occur during the generation and distribution of all forms of electrical power. Our engineers work closely with loss adjusters who have specific knowledge of the power industry's financial and contractual arrangements.


Power generation plants


Eolic parks

Photovoltaic solar

Thermal solar


Combined cycle




Electric distribution facilities
in high, medium and low voltage. Substations and power lines.

In eolic parks, vrs handles claims involving

Damage in measurement towers prior to park’s construction.

Losses during construction and assembly of wind turbines.

Machinery breakdown in multipliers, generators, transformers and electrical cabinets, among others.

Damage by lightning and other meteorological phenomena.

Damage during transport of gondolas, blades and shafts.

Failure in main electric power evacuation transformers that paralyze the entirety of the eolic park.