December 22, 2008
The Spanish Hotel Industry in the Caribbean and Latin America - growing presence and Risk Management

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vrs RTS Regional Director (Miami)

On 27th November 2008 , in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, vrs RTS had the opportunity to participate as a speaker at the event organized by AON Corporate Business for the growing Spanish Hotel Industry, whose presence in the Caribbean and Latin America has remarkably increased over the last 10 years.

There were a large number of Risk Managers who attended the working sessions where many interesting subjects such as the Management of Claims submitted by Clients and Tour Operators and the importance of Risk Management were discussed. Our Regional Director for Latin America (Eng. Francisco Javier Guardia) had the opportunity to speak about our wide experience and expertise in Natural Risks in the Caribbean, Mitigation Measures and how a hurricane or catastrophic event would affect hotel operations.

We would like to thank AON for the kind invitation and to congratulate the event organizers.

El pasado 27 de Noviembre en Palma de Mallorca, España,  vrs RTS tuvo la ocasión de participar como conferencista en el evento que AON Corporate Business organizó para el mercado del sector Hotelero Español, cuya presencia se ha venido incrementado notablemente en el Caribe y Latinoamérica durante los últimos 10 años.

Fue una jornada muy atendida por Gerentes de Riesgos y durante el evento se presentaron y discutieron aspectos interesantes sobre el manejo de las reclamaciones de clientes y Touroperadores, la importancia de la Gerencia de Riesgos y por nuestra parte, nuestro director para Latinoamérica (Javier Guardia) tuvo la oportunidad de comentar nuestra extensa experiencia en Los Riesgos de la Naturaleza en el Caribe, Medidas de Mitigación y cómo afectan a la actividad Hotelera, tras un huracán o evento catastrófico.

Agradecemos públicamente la amable invitación recibida de AON y felicitamos a los organizadores del evento.

vrs Adjusters has new Partners in the US, in the UK and in Ireland.

vrs Adjusters has two new partners in the US, in the UK and in Ireland.

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QuestGates Limited is a UK leading independent specialist loss adjuster and operates from 14 offices across the UK and in Ireland.