February 01, 2007
vrs universe USA surveyors in San Francisco and Los Angeles are on standby following notification that cargo vessel Hyundai Confidence is disabled and adrift 1200 miles west of Seattle. Apparently 110 containers have been lost overboard.

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vrs universe USA surveyors are standing by along the coast, 1220 miles west of Seattle.
The US Coast Guard had responded to a 938-foot cargo ship adrift in 20 foot seas. The Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) in Juneau received notification at 12:55 Tuesday morning that the cargo vessel Hyundai Confidence was disabled and adrift due to mechanical problems.
The Hyundai Confidence is a Hyundai Merchant Marine owned, Panamanian flagged vessel. Hyundai Confidence was on its way from Busan, Korea to Los Angeles. The cause of the vessel's engine trouble is unknown at this time.
Apparently 110 containers have been lost overboard.

Full press release can be downloaded from this site.