March 17, 2008
Another Windstorm in Austria

Europe | Austria
vrs SSP GmbH Sterkl, Schörkhuber & Partner

Four dead, numerous injured and damages up to millions. That’s the trial balance after the weekend from 01.03.2008 to 02.03.2008. The cleanup efforts have started all over the whole country.

Windstorm “Emma” went through Austria with a speed of approximately 150 km/h and left a trace of destruction. A sad balance of four dead in Austria, loss of power, closed roads, broken trees and chaos. The degree of damage can’t be estimated exactly at the moment. In Upper Austria and Lower Austria we assume damages up to 100 millions of Euros.

vrs Adjusters has new Partners in the US, in the UK and in Ireland.

vrs Adjusters has two new partners in the US, in the UK and in Ireland.

Engle Martin & Associates, Inc. is a leading national independent loss adjusting and claims management provider in the US. The company has 70 offices and 650+ employees and is based in Atlanta, Georgia

QuestGates Limited is a UK leading independent specialist loss adjuster and operates from 14 offices across the UK and in Ireland.