May 20, 2014
Serbia and Bosnia have been affecting by the worst flood of the last 120 years

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At least 35 people have died in Serbia and Bosnia and tens of thousands have been forced to leave their homes during the worst torrential rain and consequent flooding over the last 120 years.


The flooding in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia forced half a million people out of their homes and provoked tens of deaths (figure which is expected to increase no sooner water recedes) in the past few days.


Due to the natural event, about 100,000 between houses and buildings will result no longer usable, road infrastructures (including rail lines) have been heavily damaged and about 2,000 landslides verified, some of which involved also minefields left over from the war in Bosnia.


Both Serbia and Bosnia have appealed for international assistance (asking for food, clothes and health care), affirming that the amount of the damage deriving from the flooding could be measured in billions.


In addition, in Serbia, the floods have been threatening the biggest power plant of the country.


On Monday, Serbian Authorities evacuated the flooded city of Obrenovac, which supplies electricity to half of Serbia and more specifically to Belgrade area, where a major power plant - Nikola Tesla Complex - is located.


The Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic, stated that soldiers, energy workers and volunteers built defenses of sandbags around the plant to keep water back, as feared by the surging Sava river.


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