April 28, 2014
For the first time an Unmanned Fire-fighting Machine (UFM) has been used to fight a major fire in Singapore.

Asia | Singapore
vrs Insight Asia Pte. Ltd.

On Monday 28th April 2014 vrs Insight has been appointed by Insurers to deal with a major fire loss at a chemical waste treatment plant.

“This situation is unique”, says Nehemiah Neo, MD of vrs Insight, “because, in Singapore, this is the first time in which an Unmanned Fire-fighting Machine (UFM) has been used to fight a major fire. As a result, the fire was extinguished in a much shorter lapse of time”.


For any further information, please contact:


Mr Nehemiah Neo

Regional Director Asia Pacific

Mobile +65 9818 7238

email: asia@vrsadjusters.com