July 29, 2013
Tornado sweeps through Grezzago (MI)

Europe | Italy
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Last Monday about ten whirl phenomena were registered in Lombardy between Milano, Monza and Bergamo. Some of them were simply ‘funnels’ (hint of tornado) which didn’t touch the ground, while others, as in the case of the Grezzago and Bergamo regions, were caused by winds with speeds of more than 180 km/h.


The worst damage occurred in the industrial part of Grezzago and losses are expected to reach multi-millions: large numbers of buildings and sheds were hit, cars and trucks were overturned, machinery used in production processes was destroyed, roofs blown off and the whole area covered in shards of glass and metal, debris and mud.


A further concern is the spread of asbestos, contained in the roof of the sheds affected by the loss, and investigations are currently being carried out to ascertain the full extent of the contamination.

In addition to all the material damage, there will be consequential BI losses. This natural disaster hits the region at a time of economic depression.


Other cities close to Grezzago were affected by the bad weather such as Trezzo D’Adda, where the industrial area was completely destroyed, Pozzo D'Adda, which registered a lot of damage to industrial sheds and Trezzano Rosa where 12 people were evacuated from their homes.


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