July 05, 2013
vrs Vericlaim UK win BIA Major Loss of the Year 2013

Europe | United Kingdom
vrs Vericlaim UK Ltd.

On the evening of July 3, at London’s Royal Albert Hall, vrs Vericlaim UK won the Major Loss of the Year at the prestigious British Insurance Awards in front of 2,000 senior members of the insurance industry.


Our winning entry was a joint submission with Ace and Tesco for the settlement of a very substantial flood claim in Thailand where over 200 stores and distribution centres were flooded to depths of up to two metres.


The claim had many issues, with the number of occurrences and the application or otherwise of wide area damage (Orient Hotel v Generali) being just two of them. However despite these issues, lawyers were kept in the background and a satisfactory settlement for all parties was agreed in the record time of four months.


This award is one of the most prestigious in the UK insurance industry and a tremendous achievement which further recognises the quality of service and increasing profile of vrs Vericlaim in the insurance market.