May 31, 2012
Earthquakes in Italy - Update 31.05.2012

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  A further earthquake of magnitude 5.8 (Richter Scale) affected Italy in the morning of Tuesday 29th May with a first shock at 9 o'clock. The epicenter was in Carpi, Medolla and Mirandola. The earthquake was felt in all the north of Italy, from the region of Piemonte and Lombardia to Friuli Venezia Giulia. 

The province of Modena, near Bologna, the heartland of the country's manufacturing industry, was the region most severely affected by the earthquake. Tuesday's quake was followed by several aftershocks throughout the day. Italy's Institute of Geology said the main aftershocks measured were of 5.3 and 5.1 magnitude. So far the ascertained number of fatalities is 16 people, while one person is still missing. 

Some buildings that had already been damaged in last week's earthquake suffered further damage on Tuesday. San Felice sul Panaro and Mirandola registered most of the damage. In fact, the highest number of people dead occurred inside those factories that had already been damaged during the first earthquake of last 20th May, and which had been reopened after some provisional static repairs had been carried out. 

vrs Cincotti have been appointed by an Italian Insurance Company to assess the damage suffered by public buildings such as schools and monuments with high artistic value belonging to the real estate of Provincia di Parma, Modena and Ferrara. The intermediaries involved in this survey campaign are Aon and Marsh. 

Once vrs Cincotti have assessed the full scale of the losses involved, we will be able to provide our clients with a more accurate picture of the situation in the near future. At the moment there are no accurate figures concerning the losses suffered by businesses in that area. However, it is certain that most of the premises are unfit for use.

A chart of the earthquakes detected from 20th to 31st May can be downloaded here:

If you require further information or wish to report a loss, please contact any of the vrs Cincotti catastrophe team coordinators below:  

Francesco Cincotti: + 39 335 754 2319   

Ms Marta d'Avila: + 39 334 675 1113   

Ms Chiara Demino: + 39 02 481 4992

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