April 11, 2012
vrs ALA are pleased to announce the expansion of their service to the global insurance industry.

Asia | United Arab Emirates
Arab Loss Adjusters International LLC


vrs ALA are pleased to announce that our newly inaugurated Branch Offices in Oman, Palestine and Sudan are operational and able to service the industry within these territories and provide the anticipated calibre of service that is aligned to vrs ALA Standards and the local regulatory environment.     


 The address and contact details of each office are as follows:   


Muscat - Oman 

P.O. Box 2225 PC 112 Ruwi 

Tel: +968 248 13157 

Fax: +968 248 19157 

Email: info.oman@arablossadjusters.com   


Bethlehem - Palestine 

 P.O. Box 602 

Tel: +970 2276 2787 

Fax: +970 2276 2789 

Email: info.palestine@arablossadjusters.com   


Port Sudan - Sudan 

P.O. Box 663 

Tel: +249 311 833656 

Fax: +249 311 833657 

Email: info.sudan@arablossadjusters.com

vrs Adjusters has new Partners in the US, in the UK and in Ireland.

vrs Adjusters has two new partners in the US, in the UK and in Ireland.

Engle Martin & Associates, Inc. is a leading national independent loss adjusting and claims management provider in the US. The company has 70 offices and 650+ employees and is based in Atlanta, Georgia

QuestGates Limited is a UK leading independent specialist loss adjuster and operates from 14 offices across the UK and in Ireland.