June 06, 2011
The vrs VeriClaim, Inc. CAT team are doing an outstanding job responding to the tornadoes that have been sweeping across the US.

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On May 22, 2011 a tornado touched down in the Joplin, Missouri area, leaving a ¾ mile wide path of destruction, the most severe single tornado on record in the United States since 1950.  With winds exceeding 200 miles per hour, this EF-5 tornado left over 8,000 homes and apartments destroyed or damaged, as well as over 500 commercial properties.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has reported over 7,000 residents seeking temporary housing assistance.

Although the Joplin tornado was the strongest and one of the largest in 2011, it was only one of several tornadoes to hit the United States this year.  Over 1,200 reported tornados have swept across the States so far this year according to IB Times.  Thousands of claims have arisen as a result of this tornado season that typically begins in April and tends to continue through June, primarily affecting the central portion of the United States.  The latest Business Insurance forecasts estimate that the property insurance industry can expect to be responsible for over $6 Billion in indemnity as a result of the 2011 tornado activity.

The vrs VeriClaim team is doing an outstanding job responding to these storms that span across several U.S. States from Texas up to Illinois and over to the Carolinas.  Site visits can be challenging because the severe flooding, which often accompanies these storms combined with damages to infrastructure, bridges, gas supply stations, power supply, airports and train stations.  Travel adjustments and changes are continually being made to expedite our response to the affected areas, while upholding the highest safety measures for our adjusters. 

Should you require assistance with claims arising from these natural catastrophes, please contact:

the vrs VeriClaim, Inc. CAT Coordinator:   Randy Neal

Tel.: (800) 479 9188
Fax: (800) 478 1445

vrs Adjusters has new Partners in the US, in the UK and in Ireland.

vrs Adjusters has two new partners in the US, in the UK and in Ireland.

Engle Martin & Associates, Inc. is a leading national independent loss adjusting and claims management provider in the US. The company has 70 offices and 650+ employees and is based in Atlanta, Georgia

QuestGates Limited is a UK leading independent specialist loss adjuster and operates from 14 offices across the UK and in Ireland.