January 12, 2011
Queensland floods - vrs ANA CAT team on standby!

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The flooding and devastation in Queensland has been unprecedented. It is expected to be far worse than the last major catastrophe of this nature in 1974 when the flood levels rose to 9 metres. Some areas of Queensland have so far exceeded flood levels of 10 metres.

Large parts of Brisbane (capital of Queensland) was this afternoon evacuated as the 50 metre high Wivenhoe Dam, built in 1984, across the Brisbane river, 80 KMs to the west, to spare the Queensland capital a repeat of devastating floods of 1974,  is at its limit. Everyone is holding their breath to see if the dam will hold back the rising water to avoid a disaster of biblical proportions. To date, there have been 10 reported deaths and a further 79 missing, feared dead.

The flooding is now spreading south to New South Wales (next state), leaving in its wake what has been described as an ' inland Tsunami".

Insurers are still unsure of their total exposure as the full extent of the damage will not be known for a few weeks and until the people who have been evacuated can return to determine the devastation and lodge their claims. The current estimates are that some 20,000 properties (domestic, industrial, commercial, mining and farming properties) are affected. The loss estimate is expected to exceed US$ 2 Billion. It will take years for Queensland to recover from this event. On the "bright side" this also means that due to the expected development, the economy in the state will improve for the next few years.

The vrs ANA Queensland State Office in Toowoomba is on higher ground on the main street and has escaped the inundation. vrs ANA Queensland have so far received about 80 claims and have been advised by our contract Insurers that we can expect the claim volumes to increase, a few fold, over the next couple of weeks.

The CAT team is being led by the MD of vrs ANA, Jaye Kumar, and the Manager of the vrs ANA Queensland office, Ms Vivienne Murphy. Their contact details are below:

Ms Vivienne Murphy

Tel: + 61 7 4632 2792

Fax: + 61 7 4639 1044

Mob: + 61 409 726 035

Jaye Kumar
Tel: + 61 8 9361 1979
Fax: + 61 8 9361 1949

Mob: + 61 418 922 755

Email: jaye.kumar@ana.net.au