September 02, 2009
Hurricane Jimena bears down on the Baja California

Latin America | Miami Regional Office
vrs RTS International

The Director of vrs RTS International in Mexico, Juan Carlos Hernández, is located in Cabo San Lucas and reports that in the next 3-4 hours Hurricane JIMENA is expected to impact the front part of the hotels in the area.  

An hour ago the local airport was closed and the authorities already cancelled public / official activities for today.  Rains are expected to get more severe later this evening.
  Hurricane JIMENA had reached category 4-5, however, according to the last newsletter the NOAA (# 17 @ 2: 00 pm), it has weakened and it is now Category 3.   In respect to the hotel sector, many hotels have moved their guests to 5 other hotels that are safer and to schools and buildings with more protection.

Our Mexico City and Miami offices are alert and have activated our Contingency Plan, enabling our Mexico Call Center

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