June 07, 2018
Happy Birthday C. Gielisch GmbH!

Europe | Germany
vrs Gielisch


Happy Birthday C. Gielisch GmbH! One of the leading firms

of independent surveyors and loss adjusters in Germany

celebrates 100 years of activity. Since 1918, the company

has supplied market-oriented, customised solutions in the

handling of complex claims.


Now, in its third generation of family ownership, the company

is managed by Claus Gielisch.


Above all, its success history is based on an inestimable asset:

the huge experience of the experts. Over the past three years,

the staff has grown by around 20%. The range of services

includes claims adjusting, surveying services and comprehensive

claims management, as well as loss prevention consulting and

risk management services.


The headquarters are based in Düsseldorf and the company

operates with 15 offices throughout Germany to ensure

immediate access to any loss location anywhere in the country.


Outside Germany, C. Gielisch GmbH has branch offices in

Poland and Hungary, which also cover the neighbouring markets

of the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. Claims in

Switzerland are handled by a cooperation partner.


C. Gielisch GmbH is partner of vrs Adjusters, the global network

of loss adjusting companies specialized in corporate and

commercial insurance claims, which operates in 140+ countries

with over 300 offices and 2,500 staff.


vrs Adjusters has new Partners in the US, in the UK and in Ireland.

vrs Adjusters has two new partners in the US, in the UK and in Ireland.

Engle Martin & Associates, Inc. is a leading national independent loss adjusting and claims management provider in the US. The company has 70 offices and 650+ employees and is based in Atlanta, Georgia

QuestGates Limited is a UK leading independent specialist loss adjuster and operates from 14 offices across the UK and in Ireland.